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Your Success Is Our Success.

Gain Traction on Your Information Security Program Vision

We help companies strategically build from the great truth:
There is no such thing as 100% secure.

ISO 27001 Certification

Our products and services help organizations of all sizes not only achieve ISO 27001 certification, but also align business objectives with information security and compliance objectives, resulting in rapid time-to-value for your entire organization.

We'll help you build your information security program story and defend that story systematically with a custom ISMS.


Orange Parachute will assist you in gaining program visibility from your C-Level and Board of Directors, as you will be able to incorporate your security and/or compliance program Vision into your overall Business Objectives.


Orange Parachute will work with you to gain Traction for your program Vision. Our Vision + Traction exercise creates clarity and visuals that every executive and Board Member loves. A small investment gains you a huge return.

Market Differentiation

Utilizing Orange Parachute services to obtain ISO 27001 certification, your organization will gain a distinct competitive edge with established credibility. Conversely, if your competition has ISO 27001 certification, you better have ISO 27001 certification too!

Tailored Solutions

We understand every organization is unique. Because of this, we have a suite of options to meet your objectives. From time and material engagements, documentation to fill gaps, and Turn-Key solutions, we offer multiple options based on your needs to outline the best solution.

Our services and intellectual property will help you reap the benefits of great design, make informed decisions, and protect your brand.

Why Engage Orange Parachute?

Orange Parachute is dedicated to helping you to establish efficient, effective and sustainable information security and compliance programs. Our goal is to elevate information security leaders within their companies, to bring your vision to reality, and ultimately lead you and your organization to success.  Your success is our success.