What our clients are saying about Orange Parachute

Our goal at Orange Parachute is to lead our clients, no matter the level of engagement, to success. "Your success is our success" is in our blood. Here are some of our client testimonials. Each of these is also a reference, so rest assured you're in good hands.

CISO – Retail “Orange Parachute was instrumental in helping my organization achieve our ISO27001 certification, a SOC2 Report, and HIPAA attestation. They provided strategic consulting and guidance throughout the entire engagement. Further, they provided hands-on tactical work where it was needed. Their staff are highly qualified and were a pleasure to work with each step of the way.  I was very impressed and would definitely recommend Orange Parachute to others!”

CISO – Internet of Things “Orange Parachute helped us build our ISMS, and prep for both ISO-27001 certification and SOC2. The team did a great job helping keep us organized and on track. By the time of our Internal Audit, we were in good shape for moving forward.”

Vice President & Security Officer – Cloud Service Provider “Our OP consultants have been the best consultants I've ever hired. They take their accounts personal and they are always there for me when I have a question, need assistance or have to jump on a call. They help get me prepared for audits and catch items I may have overlooked. You can't go wrong hiring OP!”

Chief Technical Officer – Cloud Service Provider “Orange Parachute is the single most professional, enjoyable group of individuals at any services organization I have worked with. They take a very educational, flexible approach to information security management and this is very refreshing when the norm is to be prescriptive and inflexible. Over the 6 month course of our relationship together, the team at OP learned the ins and outs of my business and were instrumental in the creation, administration, and ultimately successful auditing of our HIPAA/HITECH, HITRUST, Safe Harbor, and ISO 27001 compliant ISMS. I felt that they truly cared about the quality of our program and the success it would help drive for our company. They even worked with us as our champions when we brought the auditors in to make sure we were fully prepared with evidence of implementation. We passed all of our audits with flying colors, and none of our employees pushed back against the new policies. I consider these two facts being indicative of success. I would immediately take any opportunity to work with Orange Parachute again, and I've already recommended them to many of my contacts who are looking for similar services. If you need help with a new ISMS or getting your existing one in shape for an audit, these are your guys.”

CISO – Transportation & Supply Chain “The Orange Parachute team is phenomenal. From the very first meeting to discuss the Vision and Traction of our Information Security Framework I knew that this was going to be a business relationship to be happy about. It's not very often that you find a vendor who constantly exceeds expectations, whether through knowledge or delivering ahead of schedule.  I tip my hat to Orange Parachute. Thank you for all of the support that you provided me on my ISO 27001 journey!”

Vice President & CISO – Internet of Things “Orange Parachute has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Every member of the team are experts, very professional, and quickly became trusted advisors. They diligently worked with us to prepare and help execute a plan that resulted in our ISO 27001 certification right on schedule. We couldn't be happier. When I was selecting partners for our ISO journey I really worried about choosing the wrong partner. The deciding factor really was the speed and enthusiasm to which Orange Parachute clients responded to my request for referrals. For Orange Parachute, the referrals came quickly and all were very happy to share their success stories. The first one even called while on vacation. For other vendors, referrals responded a week later, or not at all. We look forward to a long and productive relationship with Orange Parachute.”

Risk Management Director – Cloud Service Provider Over the life cycle of our project with Orange Parachute, I was impressed with the risk- based approach to information security that my team deployed as well as their professionalism and dedication to delivering a quality work product. The team was experienced in designing, implementing and enhancing our Information Security Management System (ISMS). They were able to quickly understand our business and tailor the ISO 27001, International Standard for Management of Information Security to meet our business objectives. I commended them on being able to communicate the value of the ISMS from the executive team to staff and meet extremely tight deadlines. During my ISO 27001 audit, my Orange Parachute team's attention to detail provided me with the complete confidence that was needed to be successful. As ISMS manager, I would recommend Orange Parachute to my colleagues to assist in development of their information security compliance program.”

Compliance Manager – Cloud Service Provider “The entire security and management team here has greatly benefited from having worked with Orange Parachute. They have an extremely knowledgeable team of experts. This relationship proved to be an essential part of our ISO 27001, Information Security Management System (ISMS) certification efforts. Orange Parachute’s holistic approach, design, implementation and business practice is what makes this consulting firm so unique. I highly recommend Orange Parachute.”

CISO – Financial Services “I've had the pleasure of working with Orange Parachute on different ISO 27001 information security certification efforts of the last few years. Their approach to customer service in support of the information security certification efforts was very customer oriented and focused on a positive customer experience. They stand behind their services and when the inevitable bumps in the road come along as would be expected with any substantial ISO 27001 project, they take the steps necessary to resolve the issues to the customers satisfaction. I'm looking forward to working with Orange Parachute in the future.”

Chief Privacy Officer – Healthcare “I've known and had the opportunity to work with Orange Parachute for many years now and I would highly recommend them as dedicated to taking care of their relationships both on a personal and professional level.  They puts their heart into the relationship and their transparency allows their customers to open up and get to the point where the rubber hits the road much faster, creating efficiency in Orange Parachute's capability to offer unique and viable solutions in a growing security and compliance market.  The Orange Parachute team are there to listen to you, earn your trust, and offer solutions that help you to succeed in your role and make your life easier. Orange Parachute provides top expert solutions to our organization and allows us to easily expand scope on our own, inherently saving us an extensive amount of time and money. I recommend Orange Parachute any chance that I get.  Orange Parachute consistently brings expertise in the management of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and they provide a strong level of knowledge in ISO 27001 and ISO 31000.”

CEO – Cloud Service Provider “Orange Parachute was referred to us as a company who could help us quickly ramp up to obtain our ISO 27001 certification. They helped frame the project, brought in the right resources, and made sure that we achieved our goal on schedule and on budget. We have the certification we needed and our company and clients are better for it. I strongly recommend Orange Parachute.”

VP of Operations – Healthcare “I have contracted with Orange Parachute several times for information security related services including HIPAA/HITECH risk assessments, SIEM, and many aspects of building an Information Security Management System (ISMS) conformant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 including constructing a Statement of Applicability, documentation of policy, procedures & controls, and more. By leveraging their organization's expertise, we have been able to rapidly mature the state of our ISMS. Orange Parachute is noted for their high integrity and they can be counted on to deliver.”

Director Information Security – Healthcare “The Orange Parachute organization was instrumental in the successful implementation and ISO/IEC 27001 certification of our ISMS framework. They combine a breadth of industry experience, vision, and leadership to deliver practical and proven solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of each of their customers.”

CISO – Defense Contractor “Over the last several years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Orange Parachute for implementing ISO based ISMS programs. Today, Orange Parachute’s ISMS implementation methodologies have further excelled to be more robust, scalable, and actionable to meet the needs of SMB to larger international companies. I’ve witnessed their team provide focus and clarity for companies wanting to effectively manage information security and compliance programs. – keep up the great work!”

CISO – Financial Services “I've had the pleasure of working with Orange Parachute on multiple occasions. Orange Parachute is very passionate about taking care of their clients. They are thoughtful, well connected, creative, and know what it takes to build a lasting relationship. I have a tremendous respect for Orange Parachute’s ability to get results time after time. I look forward to working with Orange Parachute for years to come!”

CISO – Healthcare “I have had the great opportunity to know Orange Parachute for many years.  Orange Parachute brings a very unique attribute to the risk management table, with a strong understanding of business expertise and practical field experience. These qualities have allowed Orange Parachute to be a very effective advisor in the risk management and ISO 27001 space. As companies begin to think strategically about managing their risks, as well as operate competitively on a global scale, Orange Parachute services are worth consideration.”

Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance – Legal & Regulatory “Orange Parachute’s staff are exceptional leaders in the spectrum of information security management. Orange Parachute's methodology around implementing ISO27001 based programs is second to none that I have seen. The methodology allows for consistency and defensibility to handle any compliance initiative that an organization must undertake. Orange Parachute’s staff are punctual, detail oriented, and produce exceptional results. I look forward to working more with Orange Parachute in the near future.”

CISO & AVP of Information Risk Governance – Insurance “Orange Parachute has become trusted partners at my company due in large part to their focus on customer satisfaction and their ability to apply their expert knowledge in creative\new ways. Orange Parachute was great at truly understanding our needs and tailoring a solution that met our needs.”

Chief Security Officer – Financial Services “Orange Parachute has provided excellent services to support critical projects in our security program. Their talent and ability to quickly execute, providing the right services we needed at the right time has been a key to driving success.”