Travis Hyde

In January, 2014, the world changed forever for our Founder & Chief Strategy Officer, Travis Hyde.  A horrible accident rendered him paralyzed from the waist down, opening his eyes to the importance of core values and perseverance.  Rather than just list core values for marketing purposes as many companies do, Travis took it upon himself to become a student of core values and their importance in life and in business.

Operationalized core values and shared vision are just a couple of things that make Orange Parachute unique.  Travis works tirelessly to maintain our culture and differentiate our core values while also bringing that same point of view into our client engagements, always balancing humility and confidence.

When you contact Orange Parachute, it is not unlikely that your first point of contact will be Travis, our Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. Travis understands the value of the relationship both on a personal level and a company-to-company level to our customers, which is why he wants to be your first conversation.  Travis takes the time to get to know our customers, help them establish and then communicate their vision, and ultimately make certain that they are successful.  His mantra is "your success is our success."

In addition to fostering all of our relationships, Travis serves as the visionary behind Orange Parachute. Travis provides strategic direction internally and to our customers. As a pioneer in the field of Information Security Management Systems, he has introduced, developed and implemented new and innovative strategic solutions to the challenges executive leaders face in aligning information security objectives with overall business objectives.  For over 20 years, he's worked with leadership teams for some of the largest companies in the world as well as small and mid-sized businesses.

If you are in need of a partner that is passionate about your success, or want insight on successful security and privacy programs, reach out to Travis via LinkedIn or by emailing Orange Parachute.