Driven by Our Core Values

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At Orange Parachute, each and every person that works for the firm shares the following core values: kindness, humble confidence, transparency, creativity, and collaboration.

We don't just tout core values for marketing purposes, we operationalize these core values each and every day in our business.

Our core values are the primary reason our clients benefit by engaging Orange Parachute. In addition, the following issues often arise for our clients. If these questions sound familiar, you've come to the right place.

Why Engage Us?

Humbly speaking, you will not find another consulting firm in the U.S. that possesses our level of expertise with security program strategy & execution via Information Security Management System (ISMS) with the end result being ISO 27001 certification. We have numerous client references, testimonials and success stories to back our confidence in this space.

My customer asked if we’re ISO 27001 certified, what do I do now?!

This is a very common issue in our world, as more and more of your customers are going to require you to have ISO 27001 certification. You may have responded that you already have ISO 27001 certification, even though you don’t (don’t worry, you’re not a bad person, this is common), you may have stated that you’re on the path to ISO 27001 certification (yet you don’t know where to begin), or you might have informed them that you will obtain ISO 27001 certification to meet their requirements and now you are scrambling to make good on your promises. 

SOLUTION: Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We have helped numerous people that have been in this situation. Our services allow you to immediately address this issue and we’ve been there/done that on numerous occasions. Learn More...

Our customers keep asking about security (questionnaires, audits, etc.): 

Yet another common reason that our costumers leverage our products and services is that they want to stop spending time responding to customer security questionnaires, audits, etc. The more security becomes a hard requirement for your customers, the more questionnaires and audits you can expect (until you found us!).

SOLUTION: More often than not, what your customers are looking for is that you take a risk-based approach. Our products and services allow you to take a risk-based approach, inherently saving time and money for you both short and long-term. You will be able to respond efficiently and effectively to any customer requirement and eliminate any lost time and stress over audit requirements. Learn More...

I have a Vision for our Security/Compliance Program, but no clear path to gain Traction. 

This is also common amongst our clients. They have placed you in charge of the Security and/or Compliance Program and you have an idea of where you want to take it, but no clear way of explaining it to the powers that be, and no way to trace accountability to ensure your Vision is in motion. 

SOLUTION: Our Vision and Traction exercise provides you with a clear deliverable that you can immediately use to gain Traction on your Vision. You can assign accountability in strategic, tactical and operational layers and set clear and attainable goals. You’ll also be able to then tie your Program Vision to the Vision of the business as a whole. Your powers that be will absolutely love it, that’s a guarantee. Learn More...

Can I make my life easier as a Security/Compliance Program Leader?

Often times, security and compliance leaders are focusing too much on the technical/operational layer, when they could save themselves (and their business) extensive amounts of time and money by leveraging our services. Risk Assessment is a good example as most companies are simply not able to efficiently and effectively conduct Risk Assessments, and often times these are tedious and manual processes. The solution for most companies often becomes throwing money at the technical/operational layer, which is really just a technical risk band-aid and not a true risk-based approach. 

SOLUTION: Our services allow you to improve and automate your Risk Management process, saving countless amounts of time and money.Working from the strategic and moving to the tactical and operational, you’ll be able to boast a truly differentiated, risk-based Program that your customers, employees and executives will love. Learn More…