Benefits of an ISMS & ISO 27001 Certification

An ISMS compliant with ISO 27001 provides a multitude of benefits to any organization, large or small.

Here are just a handful of benefits of implementing an Orange Parachute ISMS compliant with ISO 27001

MARKET DIFFERENTIATION / DE FACTO STANDARD The ability to stand apart from your competition or, at minimum, stand with them.  Attaining ISO 27001 certification means joining an exclusive group of growing companies and early adopters will be able to leverage their ISO 27001 certification as a market differentiator, especially if your competitors don’t have the certification.  Soon, having ISO 27001 certification will be a requirement to do business in many different verticals.  Your competitors are most likely already looking at or moving toward ISO 27001 certification.  You want to get there too and we can help.

PROACTIVE VS. REACTIVE SECURITY MANAGEMENT Holding an ISO 27001 certification is widely accepted proof of a reliable, defensible, standards-based information security posture.  It confirms to both management and clients that your organization is proactively managing its security responsibilities.

THE POWER OF INFORMED DECISION By answering all of the "W" questions and leveraging the risk-based approach inherent in any Orange Parachute ISMS, your leadership will always be able to make informed decisions before investing into the program.  Not only does this ensure higher Return-on-Investment, it also makes things much easier on the program leader to obtain the necessary budget and resources to ascertain success for you as an individual as well as for the business as a whole.

TIME BASED ASSURANCE ISO 27001 certification is a dynamic process, requiring at least annual audits and periodic renewal of the certification.  This offers independent proof of ISMS adequacy and the ongoing benefit of continuous process improvement.   It offers clients and management proof that the ISMS continues to meet its security responsibilities.

PROCESS DEFINITION AND METRICS Management gains a clear window into the results of its security investment, and better insight into which security processes are working well and which need improvement.  This increased visibility helps to make the case for the information security group and often can serve as a model for other parts of the organization.

CONSISTENT THIRD-PARTY GOVERNANCE, RISK, AND COMPLIANCE (GRC) MANAGEMENT Clear communication of security requirements to third parties and scheduled periodic reviews of compliance with such requirements.

LEGAL AND REGULATORY COMPLIANCE UMBRELLA The risk-based decision-making inherent in an ISO 27001 ISMS means the system shares a common basis with many new legal requirements.  Changes to the ISMS can be made in an orderly, incremental fashion, inherently saving a ton of time and money.  Compliance for any requirement can simply feed into the risk management process, avoiding a siloed approach.

A GREAT "STORY" BACKED BY DEFENSIBILITY Referencing decision making to an independent standard and valid risk assessment means the organization can easily defend and justify its choices to management, customers and regulators.  You will not only be able to tell a great "story" as it pertains to your information security and data privacy practices, but you'll be able to defend it rigorously and validate it independently.