ISMS & ISO 27001 Certification Services

No matter the state of your ISMS, we have a service that meets your needs and is tailored to the unique factors of your business and people.

ISMS & ISO 27001 Certification Services

Orange Parachute focuses on the delivery of effective and usable Information Security Management System (ISMS). This means we do not only get you ISO 27001 certified, but we also implement an ISMS that makes sense for your organization. In order to implement an ISMS that is right for your organization, we take the time to get to know you, your leadership team, and your business.

At Orange Parachute, we believe the success of the business is built on the success of the individual. When you engage Orange Parachute, you get more than just an ISMS consultant, you get a team of individuals who operate based on shared core values in a fierce culture. The team will be made up of subject matter experts, visionary and strategy experts, as well as operations experts. The Orange Parachute team's first step is to learn your business, your vision, and all the details of your ISMS. Only after clarity is established do we provide you with project plans and service fees.

Orange Parachute's ISMS and ISO 27001 certification services include:

TURNKEY ISMS FOR ISO 27001 We implement your ISMS that is certifiable to ISO 27001 from the ground up. Our Turnkey Solutions follow the Orange Parachute Proven Process and include engagement level options, allowing you to select the proper level of engagement for your organization and available resources.

ISO 27001 GAP ASSESSMENT Considering ISO 27001? Our ISO 27001 Gap Assessment will provide clarity on the level of effort that is needed to get you from where you are today to ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 FACILITATED RISK ASSESSMENT Our ISO 27001 Facilitated Risk Assessment is one of our most popular service engagements. We identify your in-scope assets and the associated threats and vulnerabilities, then utilize a proven risk management framework to provide you with clarity on your ISMS security risk levels, meeting the risk assessment requirements of ISO 27001.

ISO 27001 RISK TREATMENT AND CONTROL IMPLEMENTATION With this service we can provide you with the leadership and guidance to see that your risk levels are lowered, mitigating controls are in place, and continuous improvement is embedded into your ISMS.

ISO 27001 INTERNAL AUDIT Many of our clients don’t have an IRCA or RAB accredited ISO 27001 auditor on staff and the ISO 27001 Internal Audit is a hard requirement of ISO 27001 certification. To meet this requirement, we come on site and perform the ISO 27001 Internal Audit for your organization, positioning you for success and ISO 27001 certification.

ISO 27001 AUDIT OMBUDSMAN An ISO 27001 Certification Audit can be intimidating and challenging. To combat these challenges, our subject matter experts will participate in the ISO 27001 Certification Audit as a representative for your organization. We will ensure the Audit is performed in a fair and logical manner and make sure all the auditors’ questions are addressed.

ISMS EFFECTIVENESS ASSESSMENT If you have an established ISMS and want to ensure continuous improvement, you can utilize our subject matter expertise to identify areas of weakness and opportunities. These services ensure that the ISMS is serving the business and bringing value to your organization.

ISO 27001 CONTROL MATURITY AND EFFECTIVENESS ASSESSMENT Once mitigating controls are put in place, according to ISO 27001, you must monitor the Maturity and Effectiveness of the controls. Our subject matter experts will perform a detailed analysis on the maturity and effectiveness of each control, ensuring clarity and providing direction on how to continuously improve your ISMS.

No matter your state of ISMS implementation, we have a service that meets your needs and is tailored to the unique factors of your business and people. Contact us today for more information on how Orange Parachute can take your ISMS from vision to reality.