SOC 2 Compliance - Trust Service Principles

Achieve SOC 2 Compliance efficiently and effectively leveraging our tools and subject matter expertise.

SOC 2 Service Capabilities

With the rapidly changing risk landscape, SOC 2 is becoming a critical component to any security program. Orange Parachute will assist your business in determining which Trust Service Principles apply and how to achieve compliance. Using the Proven Process PackageTM, Orange Parachute will create an ISMS (Information Security Management System) and guide you through the process of document and report creation as well as evidence gathering for your final SOC 2 report.

Our asset inventory building process creates a systematic and deliberate approach that illuminates where your data resides and what your information assets are.  Using an asset-based, risk management approach, you can be sure your security program addresses compliance requirements from multiple chosen relevant frameworks in addition to SOC 2, while also prioritizing real security threats to your assets and your business. This identified approach will ensure the security, confidentiality, availability, processing integrity, and privacy of your customer data, in line with SOC 2 requirements.

Our extensive experience helping clients to meet security compliance requirements means we bring tools and intellectual property along with us to help save time and money and prevent “re-inventing the wheel,” providing the highest degree of ROI. With our help building an ISMS (Information Security Management System), Orange Parachute Security Compliance Consulting services allow you to meet security compliance efficiently and effectively.

At Orange Parachute, we believe the success of the business is built on the success of the individual. When you engage Orange Parachute, you get more than just a consultant, you get a team of individuals who operate based on shared core values in a culture that balances humility and confidence.  Your success is our success.

The Orange Parachute Proven Process Package™:  includes all the documents and tools that are needed to execute an efficient, effective and sustainable Information Security Program.  Our documentation includes policies, standards, service plans and processes to help you meet the spirit and intent of just about any security compliance requirements.  Our documentation has continuously improved over the past 14+ years, and our clients benefit by leveraging our Package where they have gaps in existing information security and/or privacy documentation.  Solid process is the first step, which an ISMS provides. You can then leverage our software ecosystem if you prefer to optimize your ISMS processes once the system is certified.  Never buy an off-the-shelf/SaaS ISMS product first, as it will fast become shelfware.  ISMS and SOC 2 is a process-approach, and the fact of the matter is that mandatory requirements can never be met by any "software."  Buyer beware the software approach.

Vision + Traction: You can click here: Vision + Traction Exercise to learn more about our initial strategy session.  Orange Parachute has facilitated hundreds of information security strategy sessions with clients across the U.S. and presence abroad.  Take advantage of our experience in this one-of-a-kind session and reap the benefits of our cumulative knowledge based on extensive experience to provide the highest quality deliverable for you to then use to communicate your strategy and how you intend to gain traction to any audience. 

SOC 2 Gap Assessment + Implementation Blueprint: Considering SOC 2? Our Gap Assessment + Implementation Blueprint will provide clarity on the level of effort that is needed to get you from where you are today to where you need to be.  With a multitude of deliverables, you'll be able to leverage actionable intelligence to make an informed decision moving forward.

Information Asset Management: Orange Parachute excels at helping our clients to build extremely valuable asset inventories.  Because of the nature of work we've completed over the past 14 years, we've become subject matter experts on the asset management process in any business.  This level of quality and experience means a higher quality Information Security Management System (ISMS) for you.  Take advantage of our expertise in this space and build your system (i.e. program) right the first time.

Internal Audit: Many of our clients don’t have an accredited auditor on staff. We come on site and perform the Internal Audit for your organization, positioning you for success in preparation for your SOC 2 Audit and Report.

SOC 2 Audit Representation: A SOC 2 Audit can be intimidating and challenging. To combat these challenges, our subject matter experts will participate in the Audit as a representative for your organization. We will ensure the Audit is performed in a fair and logical manner and make sure all the auditors’ questions are addressed.

No matter your state of ISMS implementation, we have a service that meets your needs and is tailored to the unique factors of your business and people. Contact us today for more information on how Orange Parachute can take your ISMS from vision to reality.