DeployOP™ allows you to outsource to Orange Parachute, providing you with a defensible and sustainable information security program that aligns to your business vision and offers numerous benefits.

As information security compliance gives way to more rigorous customer requirements, businesses struggle to keep up, and often lack the time and resources necessary to gain the greatest return-on-investment. 

Smart business leaders know that strategic outsourcing is good for business, which is exactly why Orange Parachute offers our DeployOP managed service.

Click here to learn more about DeployOP™.  With DeployOP™ you can:

  • Outsource information security management to an expert in the field;
  • Gain access to our intellectual property and a team of seasoned security professionals dedicated to your success;
  • Meet customer related information security requirements efficiently and effectively;
  • Meet the spirit and intent of any security or privacy related compliance requirement under one framework;
  • Leverage actionable intelligence to make informed decisions and ensure return-on-investment for any information security related products, services or personnel;
  • Supplement your existing security staff while eliminating the risk of tribal knowledge walking out the door;
  • Differentiate your security program and practices from the competition;
  • and much, much more

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At Orange Parachute, your success is our success!

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Common Issues that our products and services address (maybe some are familiar?):

My customer asked about our information security practices and asked me to produce evidence, what do I do now?!
We are spending too much time responding to customer security questionnaires or audits.
I have a vision for our Information Security Program, but no clear path to gain traction.
Can I make my life easier as a Security/Privacy Program Leader?