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BYOD – Personal Mobile Devices in the Workplace

This paper examines and explains the importance of a structured information security management approach as it relates to Bringing Your Own Devices (BYOD) in reference to mobile devices in the workplace.

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Clear Desk, Clear Screen Policies - What are they?

This paper examines and explains the importance of a a clear desk policy for papers and removable storage media and a clear screen policy for information processing facilities.

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Viral Vision for Information Risk Management

Viral Vision™ is the simplification of information risk management strategy and execution. Viral Vision™ spans the strategic, tactical and operational layers, providing a multitude of benefits for a business. The focus of this whitepaper is an introduction of Viral Vision™ for information risk management within a business, but it is important to note that Viral Vision™ can be applied in a variety of capacities within a business.

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The Humble Confidence Gauge - Shining a Light on Ego In Your Meetings

This paper explores an easy-to-use tool for facilitating meetings where ego is involved. It's especially useful for the executive audience to ensure that the subject matter expert has the proper forum and support to communicate effectively.

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Information Security for Small Business & Start-Ups

Business Problem

In a world where information security is in high demand, many Small and Mid-size Businesses (SMB’s) and Start-ups aren’t yet able to meet the rigorous demands of their clients and potential clients, let alone legal and regulatory requirements that may be part of their day to day business. 

These demands of customers and potential customers top the list of reasons why SMB’s and Startups need to establish formal information security programs and back those programs with a defensible strategy, however, there are other issues that many SMB’s and Startups are dealing with as well...

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